Here be the photos I've taken/the texts I've written during my Erasmus stay in Sundsvall in 2008.
Sundsvall is in Sweden. Sweden is a part of Europe. Europe is not a country.

drawings made after the stay
Swedish students [cartoon versions] (17 September 2008)
Swedish girls (22 July 2008)
More Swedish co-students (25 June 2008)

Swedish co-students : 1 - 2 (23 June 2008)
Three storyboards for our short film The Flower Shop : 1 - 2 - 3 (23 June 2008)
Three sketches for my short film pitch Scryscraper Crooks At Large : 1 - 2 - 3 (23 June 2008)
A day in the life of a student (for the Swedish student magazine) : 1 - 2 (21 June 2008)

Quotes VI (22 July 2008)
Quotes V (27 June 2008)
The second and third video blog for our upcoming short film The Flower Shop. (23 May 2008)
Life In Sundsvall II [including video files] (14 May 2008)
Quotes IV (10 May 2008)
Life In Sundsvall (13 April 2008)
Quotes III (23 February 2008)
Quotes from the second week (5 February 2008)
Cards [a thought in Sweden] (30 January 2008)
Quotes from the first week (27 January 2008)
How does Swedish differ from Dutch? (25 January 2008)
I met the bastard son of Rick Deckard : a Swedish guy called "Rickard"! (18 January 2008)

20 April 2008
The Life Of A Snowman

15 April 2008
Luca is engaged I
Luca is engaged II
Luca is engaged III
Luca is engaged IV
Luca is engaged V

7 March 2008
A case of heterochromia?
Party animals
The Swedish sunrise is beautiful
So much choice [too much to call it "Original"]
French and German guy enjoying Belgian beer

30 January 2008
Four Swallows

25 January 2008
The first snow ((hey ho))
The 'Stadhus'
Thomas Haden's church in Sweden
Die Morgenstunde in Sweden
Belgian band available in Sweden
Narnia-esque setting in Sweden

24 January 2008
Here's to you, poor guy
My favourite animated movie in Swedish
Funny movie, funnier title
The coffee place from "Wayne's World"
Belgian author available in Sweden
Stephen Rea & Sean Penn : a match made in heaven?

23 January 2008
Bigfoot lives in Sweden
Orient Mini Market [the sign says "we are open, every day from 10am-10pm"]
All those memories lost in time, like coffee in the snow [ Rutger Hauer]
The Long Road Out Of (Sw)Eden [ Eagles]
Nice scenery

22 January 2008
The Dutch Ahmed Best --- The real Ahmed Best
The Italian Geert Hunaerts --- The real Geert Hunaerts

21 January 2008
Get Rea'dy

20 January 2008
Swedish Tree
Local Supermarket
Two Tintin DVDs
Back To The Future II
American guy enjoying Belgian beer
Bourne To Be Alive

19 January 2008
Try the wine... and an apple. One of those next.