Funny slip ups, quotes, catch phrases and nonsense from the first week in Sundsvall, Sweden :

Teacher : "If you have Hotmail or Gmax ..."

Teacher : "Bart Van De Vêhre?" (should have been "vande Vyvere", pronounced "Vie-ve-re")

Teacher : "Don't let anyone steal your student card! If THEY do something wrong, WE will hunt YOU down!"

Teacher : "Do you know which courses you have to take?"
Jean-Baptiste : "I think ... I see!" (donc je suis?)

Bart : "How does the knackwurst taste, Joeri?"
Joeri : "Have you ever vomited ... and then actually swallowed some of the vomit back in?"

Bart : (asking German Anja about her brownie) "Is it good?"
Anja : "It's green!"

Tom : "Google is quite smart. Of course, it's still a machine."

Julian (on Valentina's selfmade meatballs) "You like balls, Luca?"
Luca : (not quite grasping the sexual innuendo) "Yes, I like balls!"
(people start laughing)
Luca : "Why are you laughing? I do like my balls!"

Bart : "I'm applying to be a bartender."
Julian : "So you're gonna be a Bart-ender?"
Joeri : "And then I steal his job. I'll 'end' the 'Bart'."

Julian : "Aurélie! Are you all ready ("Aull-réadie")?"

Julian : "Wow, look at Bart's and Daniel's digital reflex camera. Such quality! I'd like to have one myself"
Kristina : "It's too big and unpractical to carry around. I bought mine ... because it was cute."
Julian (starts laughing) : "Just because it was cute?"
Kristina : "Yes"
Julian : "So did you pick your boyfriend ... just because he was cute?"

Julian : "Mirko is my friend. Mirko é amico mio. He's my 'aMirco'!"

Teacher (librarian) : "With the LIBRIS option, you can borrow books from our library or have them sent to this or that campus!'
Julian : "So ... taken out from another campus ... it's like an EX-Libris?"

Teacher (librarian) : "You can borrow a book ... day and night. And if you want to bring back the book when the library is closed, you can put the books in this box."
Julian : "Books in a box? In a "boox", then?"

Julian : "In Swedish, saying "Thank you, Laura Lynn!" will sound like "Tack Sabrina Tack"!"

Julian : "A girl is a "flicka" in Swedish. So a "chick flick" is a "flicka flick"!"

Monica : "Let's go to a pub or a club!"
Julian : "A plub!"

Bart : "Monica from Canada! Monicanada!"

Monica : "That guy? I think he is Afghanistanian. Is that a word?"

Joeri : "One night stands ... don't make a big deal out of it ... it's like a massage!"

Joeri : "Julian ... yeah ... I see a potential drug addict in you. How dangerous!"

Julian : "You're a great buddy, Kristina. You're my 'buddy'guard!"

Teacher : "Where are you from, Julian? Antverpen? Ah, Plantin!"

Julian, 27 January 2008