Quotes IV

Funny slip ups, quotes, catch phrases and nonsense from the stay in Sundsvall, Sweden :

Jelle : "Nancy, if I ever need kids, you can carry them ..."

Jelle : "My lesbian female friend ..."

Teacher Kevin : "The magnetic lasso has a mind of its own!"

Teacher Kevin : "The quick selection tool is a dream tool!"

Teacher Kevin : "Hold down the 'ALT' key ..."
Julian : "The alt men and the key?"

Teacher Kevin : "Watch out with the blur tool. It gives every photo "that Photoshopped look"!"

Teacher Kevin : "Watch out with the sharpen tool. It gives a "Technicolor freakshow touch" to a photo!"

Teacher Kevin : "Watch out with the smudge tool. Force a smile! Happily ever after!"

Teacher Kevin : "Don't use Comic Sans. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to bancomicsans.com for the full story."

Jelle (talking about Danny Verbiest) : "Why should he give an interview? His stockings are sold!"
[Danny Verbiest, a famous Belgian ventroliquist, once had a share in the succesful production company Studio100. He then sold his stock.]

Mirko : "Luca, you can't kiss that girl. You are engaged!"
Luca (about Anja) : "She's engaged too, so it's OK!"

Jelle : "On the dozes of Kellogg's ..."
[instead of the correct English word "boxes"]

Tom : "Everybody gets down!"
[instead of "Everybody dance now" from the song "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" by C+C Music Factory]

Jelle : "I always need salt when I'm tripping"

Jelle (to a busdriver) : "I'm 22, I'm a student and I live in Nacksta."

Philipp (during breakfast) : "Can you pass me the crime cheese?"
[instead of crème cheese]

"Articles need to be spelled-checked ..."
[a typo in a "Magazine Project" guide on avoiding typos]

Teacher Kevin : "A British shoulder ... er, soldier.
I mix those up since childhood!"

Teacher Kevin : "Character names [for our short movie]? Use the guys who spam you. They're not real names anyway. Give them some payback, give them the middle finger!"

Teacher Kevin : "Most tv-shows start with an establishing shot. Can anyone give an example?"
Julian : "Bonanza?"
Teacher Kevin : "Does anyone know this show? No? Let's take a more contemporary example!"

Jean-Baptiste : "Like say the Tom ..."
["Like Tom said."]

Tom N. : "Tom K. will be the folio artist."
[instead of foley artist]

Tom N. : "I read it on Idmb ..."
[instead of Imdb]

Keith : "Is there a difference between a teaser and a trailer?"
Teacher Kevin : "Good Q!"

Julian, 10 May 2008