Quotes V

Funny slip ups, quotes, catch phrases and nonsense from the stay in Sundsvall, Sweden :

Hanna : "Oh, I love Michael J. Fox! Back To The Future,
Star Wars ..."
Rick : "Star Wars?"
Hanna : "Yeah, he played the knight ..."
Julian : "I'm pretty sure that's Mark Hamill ..."
Hanna : "Now you ruined my memory of that character!"

Whitney : "Indiana Jones? Played by Clint Eastwood, right?"

Jelle : "The witches with their bezems ..." ["Brooms"]

Jelle : "Hey Julia, it's getting hot in here!"
[after Julia accidentally set fire to her jacket]

Tom N. : "You're beautiful ... you're beautiful, for sure!"
[massacring James Blunt lyrics]

Julian De Backer, 27 June 2008