Quotes III

Funny slip ups, quotes, catch phrases and nonsense from the third & fourth week in Sundsvall, Sweden :

Teacher : "In America, Conan or Dr. Phil will say 'We'll be back with more on this after the break' ... and then it never happens! Sometimes, they never show what they promised to show, because it's just commercials! You wait and wait as a hostage for the content & it never comes!"

Teacher : "The First Amendment : freedom of speech, religion & press. That's all it says! Lawyers have a field day with this, cause it's so open!"

Teacher : "America? When the settlers came, it was first one to the flag wins! The native Americans weren't happy with that ... but that's another story."

Teacher : "I would sing the Coke or McDonalds commercial, they'd clap their hands, they'd think I was cute, they'd send me to bed ... it was very embarrassing!"

Teacher (on Canada) : "And then there's the French people! The Key-beh-quoi! What's up with that!?"

Teacher : "All the signs in Vancouver are in both French and English. But I've counted the French people ... there's no French people! Vancouver-people are all from Hong Kong!"

Teacher : "Canada has the Franco-Anglo thing happening."

Teacher : "The French gave the US their statute of liberty. Now, the USA don't like France ... because they don't support the Iraq war. Now it's a little better : Sar-cosy is a guy they can work with!"

Teacher : "CBC is a great Canadian TV station : cutting-edge humour, refreshing news etc. I lived in Seattle, close to Canada, and I was the only person watching CBC! Less commercials, better shows, but my friend said Uch, it's Canadian!"

Jelle (to Philipp) : "By the way, where did you get your haircut? Because it's good!"

Jelle : "I don't understand something ..." [instead of gramatically correct There's something I don't understand]

Teacher (reading names) : "Gel?"
Jelle : "Jelle" (pronounced as the verb 'to yell' plus the letter 'e')

Teacher (reading names) : "Conijn? Conijn Danique?" (literally "Rabbit Danique", with "Rabbit" as the first name)
Daniel : "Her name's Danique Conijn. And she's absent."
Teacher : "So she's absent ... and her name is spelled wrong on the list!"

Teacher : "Jean? Baptiste? Jean-Baptiste?"
Jean-Baptiste : "Jean-Baptiste or JB!"
Teacher : "Well, you're here ... with your many names!"

Teacher : "You-ree? Well, I'm finally getting the name right ... and now he's not here!"

Julian, 23 February 2008