Quotes II

Funny slip ups, quotes, catch phrases and nonsense from the second week in Sundsvall, Sweden :

Teacher : "Magnitude! The scale of a news item ... a tsunami! A volcano eruption!"
Julian (thinking to himself) : "Yeah, then it's called Magmatude!"

Teacher : "We had AFP .. Agens Frans Presss ... nej-ce pah?"

Teacher : "Belgium is very interesting for the US."
Joeri : "Yeah, I know."
Teacher : "Yeah, you know!"

Teacher : "Normative! Why the media is what it is. Just scratch the surface, never go too deep. We never go too deep, that's what frustrating about this course."

Teacher (handing out hand-outs) : "I've included another cartoon ... just to make you laugh & think!"

Teacher (reading names) : "Jo-eerie? Jerry?"
Joeri : "You-ree!"

Teacher (the day after) : "You-ree? I'm learning!"
Joeri : "I tell people to think of the first man in space, Joeri Gagarin."
Teacher : "Yeah, but I'm American, so we didn't learn that ..."
Joeri : "You probably deny it!"
Teacher : "It's not in our history books!"

Teacher : "375 news papers for Germany, but that's only 5 newspapers per 1 million people. Norway, on the other hand, has 19.1 news papers per 1 million people. But, of course, there's only 3 people living in Norway!"

Teacher (taking a sandwich) : "Where are you from?"
Newly arrived students : "Belgium."
Teacher (taking a bite out of the sandwich) : "Bwel-giwum!"

Teacher : "This is the timeline ..."
Julian : "Hill Valley?"

Tom (speaking Dutch) : "Heb je een kroon voor mij?" [Can you spare a Swedish crown?]
Julian (pointing out the resemblance of the sentence to a very famous Dutch hit single) : "Heb je even voor mij?" [Can you spare some time?]

Bart : "Thanks! ... T.hanks! ... Tom Hanks!"

Teacher (about the Swedes being 'lost' in the 19th century) : "They were thinking : Where am I? What am I doing here? Who are you? Well, I'm gonna get drunk!"

Luca (on celibacy) : "I said to my girlfriend : I need these six months!"
Julian : "More likely sex months, eh?"

Mirko (looking at the Swedish girls) : "Unfortunately, I have a girlfriend ..."

Julia (sees the cover of a vinyl Bros album) : "They're gay?"
Julian : "They're twins!"

Giuseppe (looking at photos ; sees a beautiful girl) : "Bellissima!!"
(sees a less beautiful girl) Monstro!!"

Giuseppe : "Juventus is more important than a woman!"

Julian : "You know Pantani?"
Giuseppe : "Of course!"
Julian : "Too bad he committed suicide ..."
Giuseppe : "He didn't. He was murdered by journalists."

Julian, 29 January 2008