Sundsvall update II

Our Narrative Forms course is running at full steam now. We started filming for our short film Monday 5 May, and have completed all scenes over the course of four days - Thursday not included. All scenes minus three, which we filmed yesterday evening in the blistering cold. We spent Thursday making the first videoblog (yes, we even have to make tree of those) & Saturday and Sunday editing the teaser.

What's the story about, you ask? Well, we all had to pitch an idea. The classmates could then cast a vote. Only 5 short film ideas would make it to the next round. My idea was not chosen - too bad, but no regrets! Fellow Belgian Joeri Van Hooijdonck's idea was terrific and he invited me to join this crew. He came up with The Flower Shop.

A young woman, Jamie, runs a flower shop that does very poorly. Her husband gives her a hard time about this, because he invested good money in the business. When he tells her to do whatever it takes to save the enterprise, Jamie is prepared the go the extra mile in a vain effort to satisfy her significant other ...

My role? I'm the man behind the camera! In swanky terms : the cinematographer or director of photography. I'm taking over, Kaminski! Ahem, truth to be told : I ain't all that good. But, it's a lot of fun and you always learn something. The rule of thirds, for example, which states that a frame is to be divided into 9 equal parts. The actor's eyes should be on the upper line, roughly between square 1-4 and 2-5. If that makes sense.

We - that includes Joeri & two local girls called Maria and Gabriella - created a teaser for "The Flower Shop". Check it out below.

Julian, 14 May 2008