Interviewing people is fun. You have to carefully write down good, legitimate questions that
haven't been asked a thousand times before. You have to contact the person of your choice
and settle a date. When all goes well, an interview is a pleasant chat between two kindred spirits.
Getting the chance to interrogate someone you appreciate is a thrilling experience.

On this page, I've collected the interviews I had a good feeling about. Keep in mind : I'm no
Ed Bradley, Louis Theroux or Serge Simonart. Dare I say, "yet"?

Mistakes have been made. But the results have always been rewarding.

The documents are encoded in my format of choice, Adobe's PDF. The clips are directed by Kris Vande Sande.

Audio interviews
new! Clouseau on their musical history ~ 7 February 2014 [in Dutch]
Stijn Meuris on Bruce Springsteen ~ 22 November 2013 [in Dutch]
Arnold Gelderman ~ 15 October 2010 [in Dutch]

Text interviews
new! Clouseau ~ 7 February 2014 [in Dutch]
Peace [English] - [Dutch] ~ 17 April 2013
Doug MacLeod ~ 16 June 2012
Otto Van De Steene [English] - [Dutch] ~ 29 May 2011
Serge Baeken [English] - [Dutch] ~ 6 September 2010
Deborah De Ridder ~ 28 April 2009 [in Dutch]
Luc Van De Poel (The Kids) ~ October 2006 [in Dutch]

Video interviews
Richard Hatch ~ October 2008
Arthur Bostrom ~ October 2008
Cliff Simon ~ October 2008
Ernie Hudson ~ October 2007