Interviewing people is fun. You have to carefully write down good, legitimate questions that
haven't been asked a thousand times before. You have to contact the person of your choice
and settle a date. When all goes well, an interview is a pleasant chat between two kindred spirits.
Getting the chance to interrogate someone you appreciate is a thrilling experience.

On this page, I've collected the interviews I had a good feeling about. Keep in mind : I'm no
Ed Bradley, Louis Theroux or Serge Simonart. Dare I say, "yet"?

Mistakes have been made. But the results have always been rewarding.

Audio interviews
Alan Silvestri ~ 2015
Clouseau on their musical history ~ 7 February 2014 [in Dutch]
Stijn Meuris on Bruce Springsteen ~ 22 November 2013 [in Dutch]
Arnold Gelderman ~ 15 October 2010 [in Dutch]

Text interviews
new! Marc Ysaye ~ 2020
new! John Watts [Fischer-Z] ~ 2019
new! Rodrigo y Gabriela ~ 2019
Clouseau ~ 7 February 2014 [in Dutch]
Peace [English] - [Dutch] ~ 17 April 2013
Doug MacLeod ~ 16 June 2012
Otto Van De Steene [English] - [Dutch] ~ 29 May 2011
Serge Baeken [English] - [Dutch] ~ 6 September 2010
Deborah De Ridder ~ 28 April 2009 [in Dutch]
Luc Van De Poel (The Kids) ~ October 2006 [in Dutch]

Video interviews [directed by Kris Vande Sande]
Richard Hatch ~ October 2008
Arthur Bostrom ~ October 2008
Cliff Simon ~ October 2008
Ernie Hudson ~ October 2007