I always wanted to make a "full length" comic. A normal Belgian comic is about 48 pages long. I took
several shots at achieving this. My 1993 effort stopped at 6 pages, after which the inspiration had
completely disappeared. In 1999, I tried again and had to stop after 15 pages.

In 2004, I started a project that would eventually lead to my 48 pages-goal : H-Man. H-Man, the name,
is courtesy of Anthony Vanraes, a big fan of American comic strips and superheroes. Starting from this
name, I have made up the characters and the unimpressive plot points.

The first full-length H-Man comic was finished in early 2005, but the results left me insecure and unhappy.
Whenever I get excited about something - such as : 'making a full-length comic' - I tend to get too sloppy.
I draw and draw at an ever increasing speed, just to see it completed. Results are mediocre at best.

In October 2006, after much consideration, I began to redraw every single page of my first H-Man comic.
In May 2007, this second version of the first H-Man, entitled "Ye Intruders Beware" (a subtle nod to one of
my favourite movies The Goonies) was done and dusted and ready to be printed. The expression 'special
edition' is used too often since the arrival of DVD, but I do believe it is an apt saying this time around.
You can consider it the veritable "redux" edit of the first, very crappy comic.

Several big names (e.g. Lectrr, Steve Van Bael, Jeff Broeckx) from the Belgian comic scene have read my
work and they weren't very enthusiastic. Serge Baeken called it "the ugliest comic book I have ever read".
Several Belgian indie comic book artists absolutely hated it, calling it "very chaotic and very ugly" and asking
"what crack the author was smoking", amongst other compliments.

!!! Copies of H-Man I - Ye Intruders Beware (48 black & white pages) can be shipped worldwide. Just contact
me and we'll work out the cheapest sending and/or postal solutions.

The press on H-Man (15 December 2009)
The first 9 pages [2005 version] (14 December 2009)
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 [2004 concept art] (14 December 2009)
The first 9 pages [2007 version] (12 December 2009)