25 September 2023

HEY YOU GUYS! Big news! Rich stuff! The second best movie of all time is getting a limited re-release at Kinepolis Belgium this coming Tuesday (26 September) and Saturday (30 September). You can't afford to miss this. One-Eyed Willy commands you! Get your tickets here: https://kinepolis.be/nl/movies/detail/6075/HO00009816/0000000032/the-goonies-1985.

4 November 2021

Cinema Lumière, the silver screen component of the Antwerp Museum of Photography (FOMU), is showing 'The Goonies' on Saturday 6 November at 2:30PM. Place to be: Waalsekaai 47, 2000 Antwerp. Quite the exciting opportunity to catch the second best movie of all time on the big screen. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first cinema screening since 29 May 2014, when Ghent-based cinema KASK hosted a one-off event called Eighties Entertainment. I sadly have a prior engagement, so I won't be able to go, but if you have nothing better to do, I'd say this is the best way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Belgian Goonies unite! More info and tickets ($10 a pop) here.

18 May 2020

Drew Struzan is the legendary artist behind the extremely polished and gorgeous posters of, amongst others, Back to the Future, Hook and (naturally) The Goonies. Yesterday, he posted quite a lovely message on Twitter. I responded, stating that Mr. Struzan was in the top-3 of best poster artists of all time. Said reply was liked by Mr. Struzan himself (quite the honour) AND Jeff B. Cohen, Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen in 'The Goonies'. Yes, an actual Goonie. Quite the geeky thrill. Mr. Cohen (now an entertainment lawyer) most likely forgot about my response two seconds after pushing the 'like' button, but I will cherish the memory. The stuff that nerdy dreams are made of.

13 May 2019

11-12 May 2019 turned out to be a fine weekend for your friendly neighbourhood Goonies fan. On Saturday, I visited an old cinema in Lier, Belgium that was selling off old stock (posters, lobby cards, 35MM trailers, et cetera). I found three vintage postcards: an American one, a French one, and (perhaps most fitting) a Spanish one. Did the original owner buy that last one from one of One-Eyed Willy's descendants? We may never know. Then, on Sunday, I went to a small retro video game convention in Kalken, Belgium where I found a copy of the Japanese 1986 Famicom game 'The Goonies', complete with box and manual. Lots of rich stuff, indeed.

21 January 2017

Ferrero SpA, the Italian manufacturer of chocolate and the company responsible for ever-expanding love handles, offers its customers the chance to create wrappers (stickers, actually) to decorate their Nutella jar. The promotion is free of charge and postage costs, and runs through the company's website. Naturally, I opted for a Goonies wrapper. Hey, what did you expect?

10 October 2015

One of my social network friends shares my love for license plates. Once you have the bug, you'll be hooked, and you'll always be on the lookout for more. Last week, she posted a picture of my license plate, without knowing it was mine. Imagine my surprise.
'Best personalized license plate EVER! #supremenostalgia' she posted. Which subsequently meant she also shared my love for 'The Goonies', another personal yet unknown tidbit. Quite awesome. I've edited out her name and profile picture, for the sake of her well-deserved anonymity.

15 August 2014

Dedicated LEGO fans can propose an idea, and perhaps see their idea come to fruition, via the LEGO Ideas website. A chap named "Lyonsblood" (if that is his real name) is currently seeking support for his awesome Goonies playset. An Inferno in LEGO? Oh yeah. Bring it on. Support the cause, and make it happen.

28 July 2014

Since 30 June 2014, Belgians are allowed to purchase a personalized license plate of up to eight characters, of which at least one has to be a letter. Being a Back to the Future fan, I wanted to buy 'OUTATIME', but some dastardly funkers came to the DMV a little earlier and snatched said combination right before my eyes. As such,
I opted for a license plate inspired by my second-favourite movie of all time. Warner Bros. is allowed to compensate me for this free ad.

19 June 2014

On 29 May 2014, Ghent-based cinema KASK hosted a one-off event called Eighties Entertainment. Ten 80's movies were gathered in a poll on a social network, and the public had the final say. Winning with 26% of the votes was, of course, The Goonies. Quite a thrill, for I never had the chance to see the movie on the silver screen. Or on 35 mm, for that matter. The copy was worn and battered, but it sure was a real treat to see my second-favourite movie of all time on actual 'film'.

The 1985 subtitles included some chuckle-worthy moments: 'Chunk' was translated as 'Vetbol' (more or less "fat ball/globule/cell"), 'Mouth' became 'Bakkes' (which is Dutch for "piehole") and the 'Truffle Shuffle' was interpreted as 'Kwabbendans' (Dutch for "Dance of the blubbery mass"). 'Twinkie' was changed into 'gebakje' (the standard noun for pastry); understandable, because Twinkies weren't (and still aren't) sold in Belgium, so few people would grasp the meaning. However, 'Baby Ruth' remained 'Baby Ruth' and that candy bar ain't for sale either. Most fascinating, however, were a few seconds of footage missing: Mikey never says "1632!" while grabbing the dubloon, and Chunk gets cut off at "Geez mister, you're even hungr--". Probably has to do with small pieces of film missing between reels, either lost or deteriorated.

A big thanks to KASK for the opportunity to see The Goonies on the big screen!

6 February 2014

An update after a six year hiatus, no less!

a. The Goonies as a bargain in London.

b. Chunk and Sloth T-shirts in London.

28 June 2008

An update after a four year hiatus, no less!

a. I spotted the DVD in Sweden. Dödskallegänget roughly
translates as "The Gang Of The Deadly Skull".

b. the first Belgian Domino's Pizza has opened.

6 June 2004

Honourable mention for The Goonies - included in a Dutch film anthology!

30 October 2003

Major update: it's been a while, but now I'm back!
New interface for the site, and the third chapter of the audio commentary is online.

7 July 2002

The second chapter of the audio commentary is now online.

1 April 2002

a. I've written down my thoughts on actor Jeff B. Cohen on the "cast"-page.
b. I've added a short link to the "the dvd"-page. UK-people should read it.

29 March 2002

I've added the introduction from the audio commentary (in audioformat).

28 March 2002

The site goes online ... so far everything works.