While visiting an enormous 'bookfair' (book market) yesterday (3 June 2004), I stumbled upon this book. Thousands of books were being sold at cheap prices due to large quantities. Many books are brandnew, others are slighty damaged and are therefore lowered in price. I bought Jules Verne's "20.000 Leagues Under The Sea" for $0.99, three "Calvin & Hobbes"-collections for $6.50 apiece. Ergo, wallet-friendly purchases!

There was one final stand of books, standing in front of the cash register. You could choose one book 'for free', when buying something else. I rummaged through the books. They were real crap. No wonder they gave them away for free. Until ...
I saw this book.

Ok, so it may only feature a very small review of "The Goonies" ... but "The Goonies" was also featured on the cover! It's some sort of Dutch anthology of kiddieflicks. Out of 2.300 selected titles, only five made the cover ... including "The Goonies". Nice!

Below, you'll find the actual review.

It's Dutch, so allow me to translate ...

Goonies, The
USA-1985 (111min)
(well, you get it)

In this 'old fashioned' adventure movie, a couple of kids goes out looking for treasure. Ambitious, lively and certainly noisy, aimed at youngsters. Erich Wolfgang Korngolds witty score from ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN is cleverly used.

Courtesy of Robert Hofman/
Piramide Amsterdam-Antwerp. Used without permission.