Lego Space Monorail

In 1988, Lego created one of its finest sets : the Monorail in Space (6990). I wanted to buy it around 1990, but it cost $175 back then - an impossible price for a 6-year old kid.

"How am I ever gonna have $175?" I thought back then. The times they are a-changing, as Bob would say, because I can easily afford it nowadays.

Of course, adjusted to inflation, the set would cost some $350 today. But still, you get the idea.

I had the chance to buy a second hand Lego Space Monorail yesterday, on eBay. $49, a wallet friendly purchase in everyone's book. I entered "$60" ... and in the last two seconds, some crappy dude won with "$61". The quest for the Monorail, along with the Pirates sets 6276 (Governor's Castle) & 6274 (Governor's Caribbean Clipper), continues. Sigh. Sixteen years already. I know it's selfish : I'm whining about some goddamn bricks and kids in Africa are starving. I truly am selfish and greedy.

Julian De Backer, 11 September 2006