Matthias Meersmans and I were bored during class last year, so we invented some "food-related" Michael Jackson-songtitles.
Here are our own favorites ...

- Don't Stop Till You Had Enough
(Don't Stop Till You Get Enough)

- Wanna Be Eatin' Somethin'
(Wanna Be Startin' Somethin')

- Griller (Thriller)
- The Way You Make Me Peel
(The Way You Make Me Feel)

- Crumbly Diana (Dirty Diana)
- Food Criminal (Smooth Criminal)
- Cram (Jam)
- Why You Wanna Cook For Me
(Why You Wanna Trip On Me)

- Cook It For Me (Give In To Me)
- Keep The Cake (Keep The Faith)
- Cream (Scream)
- Blood On The Ovenfloor (Blood On The Dancefloor)
- Morfridge (Morphine)
- Toasts (Ghosts)
- Unbakeable (Unbreakable)

Julian, 25 June 2005

[Matthias and Dimitri Sakelaropolus - another wicked mind - also made up some sexy movietitles, including Gangbangs Of New York and Fist Side Story. Attack Of The Hormones, says I!]