Fifteen years of 'Julian's Posts'

Back in August 2002, I started Julian's Posts. Has it been 15 years, really? I'm baffled. Where did the time go? In 2012, I took a look in the rearview mirror for the tenth anniversary. Here's an updated list of 2012-2017 observations.

- One hero had died in 2012, Michael Jackson. Since then, the formidable Pom and Gabriel García Márquez have kicked the bucket too.

- Karel Crombecq, who has always been an 'HTML helping hand' for this site, has founded his own game company, Sileni Studios. They have released three games so far, of which Mayan Death Robots has received considerable acclaim. Support them when and while you can!

- Blu-ray failed to take the world by storm, even though I really really like the format. The successor, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, has been introduced as well to early success, although I fear streaming will eventually kill all home formats. For shame.

- Jared Leto tried and didn't fail, but the best Joker is still Heath Ledger. Has it really been almost 10 years since his demise? I can't believe it. Which means my Erasmus in Sweden has also been 10 years. Again: where did the time go?

- I currently own 300+ records.

- I moved out of my parents' basement, and got my own place. Hurrah.

- I'm no longer a male chauvinist pig, but if you were to ask me who the most beautiful (famous) woman in the world is at this point, I'd say 'Salma Hayek'.

- I finally acquired my license to drive in August 2015. Long overdue, yes. I have done 55,000 kilometers / 34,175 miles since then.

Julian De Backer, 28 September 2017