Music bought in 2018

New [on LP]

Fallen Kingdom by Michael Giacchino
Soundtrack to the second Jurassic World flick and fifth Jurassic Park film overall. Still shrinkwrapped. Bought this to complete the collection, to be perfectly honest.

Aan de arbeid by Yevgueni
Belgian band. Second album. Triumphant title track.

Våkenatt by bridges
bridges are the proto-a-ha, the Norwegian band Magne Furuholmen and Pål Waaktaar started and performed in in the late seventies and early eighties. Their first, self-published offering 'Fakkeltog' goes for crrazy amounts of money (think $1000+), and in 2018, the intended-yet-shelved-at-the-time follow-up 'Våkenatt' was released. Fascinating stuff for the dedicated a-ha fan, because it contains early versions of later classics like 'Soft Rains of April'. Glad I bought this Norwegian exclusive - a wallet-crippling ($91 including S&H) yet perfect addition to the collection. Oddly enough, this one's also/already expensive ($150+ on discogs).

Lights by Ellie Goulding
Debut album of the English singer-songwriter. At the time (2010), this one didn't get a wax version. When a vinyl edition was eventually released in 2015, it escaped my attention. Remedied in 2018, thanks to a lovely bargain. $13.70 for a vinyl record in this day and age? Don't mind if I do.

The '59 Sound Sessions by The Gaslight Anthem
The Gaslight Anthem called it quits in 2015 (please guys, come back!), but briefly reformed in 2018 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their stunning career-highlight (so far) 'The '59 Sound'. The early mixes/demos/shenanigans were subsequently collected on the aptly called 'The '59 Sound Sessions'. As I'm writing this, I discovered the band did in fact reform in full and are currently writing their sixth album. Exciting times ahead.

Quarter-Life Crisis Leevend in Brugge
by Xander De Rycke
A selection of the material of stand-up comedian XDR's fourth show, recorded live in Bruges. Funny man.

New [on MC]

Tonya Harding by Sufjan Stevens
A truly gorgeous song. Truly!

Rick and Morty OST by Various
Still shrinkwrapped, so no opinion.

Where No One Stands Alone by Elvis Presley
Graceland Store exclusive, signed by Lisa Marie Presley (RIP). Vinyl and compact disc for my dad, cassette tape for me. Still shrinkwrapped, so no opinion. Can't be bad, though.

New [on CD]

Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran
Did you know still sells 2-track CD singles? Yes, they do. Love it. Excellent song, too.

Beethoven/Symphonies 1&3 by Royal Flemish Philharmonic
Just $1 for a sealed Super Audio CD [SACD] is a phenomenal bargain. Belgian Philharmonic, no less. Nice.

New [legal download]

Dancefloor by Tracey Thorn
No physical release, at least at the time, so I had to resort to iTunes. The very last resort, indeed, if all else fails. Great, great song. Heard it once on the radio, knew I had to acquire it. Instant like.

Julian De Backer, 10 June 2023