Music bought in 2016

New [on LP]

Blackstar by David Bowie
Eerie: bought this record on Friday 8 January 2016, Mister Bowie's birthday, listened to it that night, thoroughly enjoyed it throughout the weekend, come to work on Monday and find out Mister Bowie has passed away. Excellent album. What a send-off.

Star Wars I-VI by John Williams
Six soundtracks in a super sturdy box. Lovely! Episodes II and III make their vinyl debut here. Episode I was previously released as a limited edition picture disc in 1999 (which I also own, naturally, cuz #nerd), and of course Episodes IV, V and VI came out when vinyl was still the main format for music.

Hunting High and Low by a-ha
High-quality vinyl reissue of a-ha's debut album.

Scoundrel Days by a-ha
High-quality vinyl reissue of a-ha's second album.

Home Alone by John Williams
Deluxe Mondo release (first time the Home Alone soundtrack has been available on vinyl since the rare South-Korean release in 1991) with lovely artwork. Too expensive, though, as with all Mondo releases. It's hard to be a vinyl collector.

The Hague by Golden Earring
A lovely 10" featuring five unreleased tracks by The Netherlands' best rock band.

You and I by Jeff Buckley
Ten previously unreleased demo's Buckley recorded as a sort of showcase for Columbia Records, which led to his signing. Fascinating stuff.

In Wonderland by Hooverphonic
Five 7" singles, with all ten tracks of the studio album. Awesome, limited, and (naturally) expensive.

Begin To Hope by Regina Spektor
The 10th Anniversary Edition of her best album, including the heartbreakingly lovely Fidelity (which was my introduction to Ms. Spektor's body of work). This was a Record Store Day 2016 release.

The Force Awakens by John Williams
A 10" featuring two excerpts from maestro Williams' soundtrack to Star Wars Episode VII. Not his best work, to be honest. This was a Record Store Day 2016 release.

Hits South America by a-ha
Five outtakes from a-ha's excellent 1993 concert registration Live in South America. This was a Record Store Day 2016 release.

The Magnificent Tree by Hooverphonic
The excellent third album by Hooverphonic, featuring both their signature song Mad About You as their career highlight Vinegar & Salt. This was a Record Store Day 2016 release.

7 Years by Lukas Graham
$ 22 for a 12" with just two songs!? Yikes! Madness! Sparta! Great song, though. This was a Record Store Day 2016 release.

Extra Cocoon All Access by K's Choice
A 10" featuring their song Julian. Yes. I needed this. This was a Record Store Day 2016 release.

Back to the Future Parts I + II + III by Alan Silvestri
Six vinyl platters (two per movie). Ludicrously expensive (courtesy of Mondo, who always charge an arm and a leg), but hey, it's Back to the Future, what did you expect me to do? To not buy it? Yeah, that would have been the smart choice.

Nine Track Mind by Charlie Puth
Gotta love One Call Away.

1989 by Taylor Swift
Blank Space, Shake It Off, pop perfection for the ages.

Alive 2007 by Daft Punk
Superb live (Live? Or just pushing play with DAT tapes?) registration of France's finest. Sadly, no Emotion, the best track off Human After All.

Star Wars by John Williams
A gold colour reissue of the Star Wars (1977) soundtrack. Essential for soundtrack lovers, movie buffs, and Star Wars nerds. I tick all three boxes.

The Nice Guys OST by Various
$50.98, whut!? Ordered via site iam8bit. Quite the financial scoundrels.

Deadpool OST by Various
'I stuff my face with chimichangas!!', and more. Aural companion to the hilarious motion picture.

Foot of the Mountain by a-ha
First vinyl issue of the excellent 2009 album.

The Force Awakens by John Williams
Two vinyl platters, including one with a holographic 3D image that's admittedly more fascinating than the music.

Rock Or Bust by AC/DC
A 7" featuring the excellent song, and title track to their most recent studio album.

Revolution Radio by Green Day
A return to form according to most critics, but I was already fond of Uno!, Dos!, and Tré!.

Braver Than We Are by Meat Loaf
Informally and unofficially known as Bat Out of Hell IV, Braver Than We Are sees Meat Loaf teaming up with legendary songwriter/producer Jim Steinman for the first time in full capacity since 1993's Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell. Meat's vocal power has diminished a little bit, but the songs are as epic as ever. Special mention to the return of both Karla DeVito and Ellen Foley.

Chapter & Verse by Bruce Springsteen
The HMV exclusive 'Tortoise Shell' colour tie-in to Springsteen's autobiography. A wallet-crippling £49.60 (£24.99 for the record, plus £24.61 for shipping to Belgium), and then, of course, the limited colour vinyl DID come out in some Belgian stores after all. That'll teach me.

Blue and Lonesome by Rolling Stones
The legendary Rolling Stones doin' what they do best: covering old blues songs, and making them their own. Great!

Ride 'Em On Down by Rolling Stones
A 10" with an excerpt of the above Blue and Lonesome album.

Onderwoud by Pieter Embrechts
Pieter Embrechts, one of Belgium's most accomplished singer-songwriters, returns with a second solo album, and his very first on vinyl. Do check out his cover of Tom Waits' In the Neighborhood, now called In Borgerhout. Yes, in Dutch, but don't let that scare you off: Embrechts' voice is soothing and beautiful, and will work for international ears.

The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley
The second symphonic album of The King of Rock. Quite excellent.

Less Is More by Lost Frequencies
Are You With Me? is already a classic.

New [on CD]

Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor
A Germany-only CD-single. Lovely song.

One Call Awayby Charlie Puth
A Germany-only CD-single. Lovely song.

Mini World by Indila
Be sure to discover Dernière Danse today.

HIStory Continues by Michael Jackson
A Spain-only release, featuring the second disc of 1995's HIStory double CD collection. Mindblowingly excellent selection of classics, including They Don't Care About Us, Stranger in Moscow, This Time Around, Earth Song, Little Susie, Tabloid Junkie, and more.

Stay On These Roads, East of the Sun, West of the Moon & Memorial Beach by a-ha
Two-CD reissues of three a-ha albums. East of the Sun, West of the Moon even includes the full Live in South America concert on DVD. A nice bonus, for I had never seen that recording, and the LaserDisc is rare and expensive.

Hunting High and Low 30th Anniversary Edition by a-ha
Four compact discs, and one DVD celebrating every aspect, nook, cranny and nugget of a-ha's breakthrough debut album.

New [on MC]

The '59 Sound & American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem
Just £10 per cassette, courtesy of the friendly chaps at Banquet Records. Fantastic, essential albums. The '59 Sound is even one of the best albums of the past two decades.

Second hand [on MC]

Greatest Hits by Bruce Springsteen
Just € 0.50 for this fine collection, that does however lack several notable classics. No entries from his first two albums? Just one from Lucky Town?

Yo Yo Man by Blue Blot
Just € 0.50 for the very last album featuring Belgium's best singer-songwriter, the late great Luke Walter Jr..

Lucky Town by Bruce Springsteen
My favourite Bruce Springsteen album on cassette. Hurrah!

Second hand [on MD]

Lucky Town by Bruce Springsteen
My favourite Bruce Springsteen album on MiniDisc. Hurrah!

Second hand [on 8-track]

Saturday Night Fever by Various
My first 8-track cartridge, bought at a point in time when I didn't even own an 8-track machine. Classic soundtrack album to an equally classic movie, that spent 19 (!) weeks at the top of the Dutch charts. Sadly, the tape broke after just two plays in my (eventual) 8-track player. Bummer.

Akai Cartridge Recording Tape
A blank 8-track cartridge.

A Star Is Born by Kristofferson/Streisand
My second 8-track cartridge. Yet another classic soundtrack album.

Julian De Backer, 18 February 2020