Music bought in 2014

Disclaimer: due to a laptop theft in February 2015, I lost most of my 2013-2014 files. I have tried to accurately remember all past purchases, but some small mistakes or omissions are unavoidable.

New [on LP]

Guardians of the Galaxy by Various Artists
A superb compilation of classic tunes, both on vinyl and cassette.

Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) by David Bowie
A 10" with two new songs. These were later reworked for the final Bowie album 'Blackstar'.

Lost in Translation by Various Artists
Back in 2004, I had the chance to buy this soundtrack in Dublin, Ireland for $18. I declined for reasons unknown, and immediately regretted the decision. Back home, I tried to order it via my favourite record store FatKat, to no avail. Over the years, it only became more rare and more expensive. I had to shell out $115 for a copy via Discogs. Madness! Sparta!

The Heist by Macklemore/Ryan Lewis
Engaging, positive hip-hop. A refreshing far cry from the 'hoes in different area codes', 'sweat drips from my balls' and other assorted bitches, pimps and profanity associated with the genre.

Ghostbusters by Various Artists
The 1984 soundtrack, rereleased to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original movie.

Frozen by Various Artists
Three discs filled with absolutely every song, snippet and demo from the highest grossing Disney animated movie of all time. Lovely artwork, too.

In Mono by The Beatles
The mortgage-equalling, wallet-crippling mega box set featuring every Beatles album (minus the stereo-only 'Let It Be' and 'Abbey Road'). Finally, I'll be able to know every album track.

Doom and Gloom by The Rolling Stones
After 50 years in the business, The Stones did the unthinkable and released one of their best songs of all time. In an era where vintage artists lack pizzazz, flair, zest, vigor, energy, vitality and oomph, The Stones keep improving. Sympathy for the Devil? You better believe they have it (and they made a good deal with him too). Long live Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wood!

Sink Or Swim by Gaslight Anthem
Debut album by the New Jerseyian rockers. A sign of bigger and better to come with 'The '59 Sound'.

The Blues Brothers by Various Artists
The classic soundtrack to the 1980 masterpiece. Every track is golden, but they should have included more songs. Where's John Lee Hooker's 'Boom Boom', for example?

The B-Sides by The Gaslight Anthem
The B-Sides to The Gaslight Anthem's singles from 2008-2011. Another cash grab by Side One Dummy Records. Is this actually endorsed by Fallon and company, or is it something they can't object against for contractual reasons?

Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem
This was a true grower. The album didn't do much for me during and after the first spin, but after a few listening sessions, I'm deeply infatuated with 'Stay Vicious', '1,000 Years', 'Helter Skeleton', 'Break Your Heart' and the title track. But the absolute highlight is 'Underneath The Ground', with the beautiful lyric: 'Would you spit and hiss and curse my name/And embarrass me to the other graves?'. Just the idea that you can actually be embarrassed once you're dead and buried. Why does he still care? Masterful song.

Trouble In Paradise by La Roux
'Sexotheque' is an instant classic. The other songs need more spins for an accurate opinion.

At Stax by Elvis Presley
The 1973 sessions that gave us 'Promised Land', his brilliant interpretation of the Chuck Berry composition.

Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend
'A-Punk' is an instant classic. The other songs need more spins for an accurate opinion.

Mandatory Fun by 'Weird Al' Yankovic
'Word Crimes' is an instant classic. The other songs need more spins for an accurate opinion.

Searching For Sugar Man by Rodriguez
The Rodriguez story is well-known by now. The soundtrack to the movie compiles the best tracks from the only two albums he made. 'I Wonder' is my favourite.

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.
A lovely green slime coloured 10", released for Record Store Day to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the movie. Nice!

Demolicious by Green Day
All demos for the 'Uno! Dos! Tré!' project. Includes a version of the excellent 'Stray Heart', which was erronously kept off my copy of 'Dos!'. This was a Record Store Day release.

You've Got Time by Regina Spektor
Still shrinkwrapped, so no opinion. This was a Record Store Day release.

Say Goodbye To Hollywood by Ronnie Spector
Ronni Spector's excellent song with the one and only E-Street Band. This was a Record Store Day release.

American Beauty by Bruce Springsteen
Four unreleased Springsteen tracks, released for Record Store Day. The cover art is gorgeous.

Julian De Backer, 1 April 2016