Records I bought in 2005


Shangri-La by Mark Knopfler [on LP]
Dimi sent me a mp3 of "Boom, Like That". I was blown away by the song! After the rather disappointing "Sailing To Philadelphia", I hadn't heard any Mark Knopfler-solo songs. But this was pure class. I had to get it. The entire album is pretty good, really, but "Boom, Like That" is easily the best song. Already a classic.

X&Y by Coldplay [on LP]
Not everybody likes this last album, but I think it's fantastic. "Talk", "X&Y", "Speed Of Sound", "Twisted Logic" and "Hidden Track" ... brilliant stuff.

Red Letter Days by The Wallflowers [on LP]
I haven't listened to it yet. It was on sale for $1 (really!). I thought that was very walletfriendly for a double-vinyl. Is it any good?

American Teenage R'nR Machine by The Donnas [on LP]
Straightforward guitarrock. Rather nice.

The Rising by Bruce Springsteen [on CD]
Fantastic album. He was nearly thirty years in the bizz when he released this album in 2002. When you can still make an album that contains at least 11 (out of 15) supersongs after thirty years, you are indeed the boss. Hail to Bruce!

Bat Out Of Hell II - Back Into Hell by Meat Loaf [on CD]
Jim Steinman's writing talent strikes again, Meat Loaf's voice is powerful as ever. A solid album. 11 tracks, at least 8 of them tops. Volume III may be released in 2006. Here's hoping.

Analogue by a-ha [on CD]
The Norwegian boys return with their 8th album. Maybe not their best ever, although the songwriting is miles ahead of previous efforts as "Touchy!" or "You Are The One". Instant classics : "Birthright", "White Dwarf", "Analogue", "Cosy Prisons" and "Make It Soon".

18 Tracks by Bruce Springsteen [on MD]
A collection of outtakes I found in a shop that was selling out. Only $5 for this MiniDisc (that's a rare thing on its own, a prerecorded MD), with many great songs.

This Love by Maroon5 [on LP]
I had downloaded this track in 2004, so I had to buy it eventually. Still good.

Housewife by Daan [on LP]
Without a doubt one of the catchiest (Belgian) tracks from 2004, but I discovered and bought it in 2005.

Some store in Bruges still had old vinylrecords (pre-1990's). They were brandnew at $1 apiece. I bought Make It Big by Wham!, Push by Bros, Scoundrel Days by a-ha, Happy Nation by Ace Of Base and Tunnel Of Love by Bruce Springsteen.

Second-hand purchases [all on LP]

E.T. by John Williams, Who's Next by The Who (what an album!), Back In Black by AC/DC, East Of The Sun West Of The Moon by a-ha, Faster Than The Speed Of Night by Bonnie Tyler and two compilations by Belgium's greatest gypsy Django Reinhardt.

Julian, 15 January 2006