I saw Moolaj yesterday, on "Bluesfestival Antwerp Day 2". Five Belgian lads, aged between 16-19.

I was overwhelmed. They sound extremely professional (hardly a false note). "Let's pack 'em in!" they thought and they did. Wow.

They've got a ten minute drumsolo (Cream). They've got some Tommy-touches (The Who). They've got a sniff of speedmetal reminiscent of Master Of Puppets (Metallica). They've got a song that reminds me of The Grudge (Tool). They play a ballad with emotional and touching lyrics (Jim Steinman).

A lethal combination. And they're still 16. They are going to make it big. Moolaj is Belgium's newest sensation. If I were a recordlabel (well, a spokesman), I'd sign them today. Kid Van Thienen (Belgium's own Bob Geldof) did well to book them.

Julian De Backer, 25 July 2006