Michael Is Innocent!
Wesley Clark for president!

The "MJ"-case starts tomorrow and I have doubt they will believe him. I believe him.

I love his music. Here's a top-10 of the songs I think everybody should own.

It's all very personal and some songs don't end up higher, because I don't have a bond with them. These can be slicker or catchier, though. Or bigger hits, for that matter.

1. Black Or White from Dangerous
- My favourite. Why? The clip. The dance. The Mac. The theme. And because I 'imitated' the MJ on a local 'kiddie-thingee'. It was my first public performance. This is a very dear song to me, which takes me back to childhood-memories, laying in the hay, discovering the beauty of life. Oh, and it doesn't matter if you're black or white, indeed. If only Michael had kept that in mind.

2. Give In To Me from Dangerous
- Fantastic text. Slash on the guitar, incredible solo inclusive. Breathtaking and atmospheric. A major audio tour-de-force.

3. Thriller from Thriller
- This is probably the tune Michael is most famous for. "Thriller", from his second solo-album "Thriller" (which, to date, sold 47 million copies ... not bad, eh?), has one of the coolest videoclips ever. What do I say? "Thriller" invented the videoclip-genre. It's influence is of greater value than any other clip in history. But it's the song that's brilliant too, of course. And Vincent Price. This is, in short, a phat track!

4. Morphine from Blood On The Dancefloor
- One of the five new tracks on "Blood On The Dancefloor". "Morphine" has it all : a cut-through-your-throat, in-your-face-attitude Michael who does the percussion and the drums, Slash on the guitar, the Andrae Crouch Sisters-choir, a full orchestra, a sample from "The Elephant Man", a catchy refrain, a pumping noisy rhythm. Just when we thought he lost it (Earth Song didn't need a remix!), he was back. "Thriller" for the 90's.

5. Stranger In Moscow from HIStory (disc II)
- Aaah ... this is so beautiful. Listen to the lyrics. Feel the real emotions. It's all in there and more. Michael's most personal song.

6. The Girl Is Mine from Thriller
- Yeah! Paul McCartney joins in for one of the coolest duets in music-history! Brandy&Monica's feminist-version 16years later couldn't recapture the sheer brilliance Jacks achieved with this song. Thumbs up! You'll be in stitches when you hear the conversation between the two popgods ... "Is that what she said?" ... "That's what she said, you keep dreaming!"

7. Earth Song from HIStory (disc II)
- One of those goosebumps-songs. What a truly, groundbreaking triumph. Just LISTEN to the lyrics.

8. D.S. from HIStory (disc II)
- A kick-in-the-butt for pain-in-the-ass Tom Sneddon, the judge who accused Michael in 1993 and who did it again.
"They wanna get my ass dead or alive ...". Indeed.

9. Tabloid Junkie from HIStory (disc II)
- "HIStory" really was a 'revenge'-album. Here, he disses the paparazzi, the media, the press, the gossip ... "To buy it is to feed it". Has anyone ever managed to put his finger on it so accurately?

10. Billie Jean from Thriller
- I started Moonwalking with this song. Everybody did. The hat. The glove. Enough said.

Julian, 29 April 2004