Gigs from 2009

AC/DC [1 March, Sportpaleis, Antwerp]
Wow. Just wow. The ugliest guys in showbusiness sure know how to rock. One gripe : the volume was just too loud. From the opening riff of Rock 'N Roll Train, it was a mess of instruments. You couldn't tell the bass apart from the drums. Luckily, I had my earplugs. Once I put in those, each note, riff and lick became crystal clear. AC/DC are dynamite.

Eagles [18 June, Sportpaleis, Antwerp]
What a perfect concert. All the hits, great intermezzi & funny band chatter. Two and a half hours of classic American country rock. Some music snobs hate Eagles because they are a "safe band". They don't experiment, they are like a quality jukebox playing the well-known songs. But who cares? This concert was as good as it gets. I hope they release one of the dates from this tour on DVD/Blu-ray.
And I officially nominate Timothy B. Schmidt for the title of "coolest guy ever".

Michael Jackson's This Is It [13 July, O2 Arena, London]

Well, we had tickets. Crap, it would have been awesome. The fans are to blame, too. They wanted an awesome show. But I would have been happy to see Michael perform his best songs live, behind the piano. I did not need an extravagant dancefest. The rehearsals exhausted him and helped a hand in his eventual demise. Keep that in mind, greedy fans.

Julian De Backer, 12 January 2010