Blood On The Dancefloor

Blood On The Dancefloor is the ugly duckling in Michael Jackson's discography, because it includes 8 dance remixes not up to everyone's taste. And I admit, most are a bit bleh. Scream Louder is funky and Tony Moran's HIStory is brilliant. But other than those two?

It begs the question : why make a remix of Earth Song, Stranger In Moscow or You Are Not Alone, a trio of personal, emotional songs? If you do want to remix a Michael Jackson song - a bad idea in my book, because who can better the originals - take a dance song, like Jam. Leave the sugarsweet songs alone.

But! Blood On The Dancefloor also includes 5 new songs as a redeeming value. Five songs - all extremely excellent - which makes the album essential nonetheless. How many album do you own where 5 tracks are masterpieces? I own a lot of albums with just 2 or 3 good songs, so ... what are you complaining about, Jackson fans?

Superfly Sister, Is It Scary? and the title track scream "Genius! Genius!", but the true standout tracks are Morphine (his second best song ever, with The Jorge Del Baria Orchestra, The Andrae Crouch Singers and Slash) and Ghosts -- featuring the single most addictive Jacko hook since Billie Jean. Just check that 'ting ting tingting' and try NOT to dance. I dare you.

Rest in peace, Mike. And thank you for the music.

Julian De Backer, 11 January 2010

2004 mock-up drawing in the 'Songtitles with food' series.