Best music of 2004

I don't buy many "new" albums in a year. I have my fave shops for records, such as "Record Collector" or "Fat Kat"
(both Lange Koepoortstraat, Antwerp - visit them if you can!). Two excellent shops with new and old stuff and a large selection of vinyl. I often buy 7"-singles (also known as 45's), which are priced between $0.50 and $1.50 in the mentioned shops.

I refuse to download, so once in a while I have to buy new stuff too. These are 2004's highlights ...

Contraband by Velvet Revolver [on LP]
- Who needs a new Guns N' Roses-album when you've got the best of GN'R together again for another chapter of dangerous rock & roll? Essential listening : Sucker Train Blues, Do It For The Kids, Fall To Pieces, Set Me Free, Slither, Dirty Little Thing and Loving The Alien.

Smile by Brian Wilson [on LP]
- Approximately 35 years in the making, this album was meant as the follow-up to the Beach Boys' magnum opus "Pet Sounds". Then Brian collapsed after several bad trips and the whole thing was rumoured to be thrown away. Brian, however, recovered and brought "SMiLE" live on stage in 2003 to astounded audiences. He finally unleashed the full album a year later. It's absolutely brilliant.

Honkin' On Bobo by Aerosmith [on CD]
- "Blues Done Aerosmith Style" is what the coversticker promises us. And boy, do they deliver! Highlights : Back Back Train, Roadrunner, The Grind, Shame Shame Shame, Jesus Is On The Main Line ...

I also bought and enjoyed :

Just Push Play by Aerosmith [2002; on CD; $2.75!]
Out Of Time by R.E.M. [1991; on LP; $9!]
Vergeten Straat Soundtrack [1999; on CD; $2.50!]
The Grace EP's by Jeff Buckley [2002; on CD; $13!]
Greatest Hits by Guns N' Roses [2004; on CD; a gift]
Treasure Planet Soundtrack [2002; on CD; a gift]
The Sky Is Crying by Stevie Ray Vaughan [1991; MD; $5]

Second hand :

Bad by Michael Jackson [1987; on LP; $6]
Leave Me Alone by Michael Jackson [1989; 7"; $2]
Give In To Me by Michael Jackson and Slash [1993; 7"; $2]
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson [1988; 7"; $2]
Rapper's Delight by Sugarhill Gang [1979; 7"; $1]
Love And Pride by King [1985; 7"; $1.50]
I've Been Losing You by a-ha [1986; 7"; $1.50]
Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis [1992; 7"; $1]
Big In Japan by Alphaville [1984; 7"; $1.50]

Julian, 19 January 2005