License Plates
Belgian license plates follow a strict pattern: three letters, three numbers (e.g. "XXX-000").
Older plates can have variations; it's not uncommon to come across "XX-000" or "X0000".
I love to play with words, so these plates can be a source of amusement while riding a bike.
There's literally hundreds of plates with acronyms to be found.

On this page, I will post the funniest I encountered. I'll blur out the numbers, for the sake of
the owner's anonymity.

Feel free to send your own snaps. I'll credit you with the find.

2014 update: Since 30 June 2014, the Belgian government loosened their strict rules regarding plates.
As of now, up to 8 characters (of which at least one has to be a letter) can be chosen in one unique
combination. Yours truly wanted to buy Doc Brown's OUTATIME, but some very original pranksters beat
me to it. A plate inspired by my second-favourite movie of all time, however, was still up for grabs.

High Def Digest ~ 30 March 2016
Empire Strikes Back ~ 30 March 2016
Jar Jar Binks ~ 30 March 2016
Pina Bausch ~ 30 March 2016

Computer Generated Car ~ 14 June 2015
Wu-Tang Car ~ 6 July 2011
Tazmanian Devil ~ 17 May 2009
Lucasfilm Ltd. ~ 25 April 2009
Spanish Jesus ~ 25 April 2009
B.B. King ~ 16 April 2009