Michael Jackson Smooth Musician

With recent accusations of child-abuse and lawyers everywhere around America digging into his private life in the hope of finding another sure-fire scandal, I think it's time to talk about Michael Jackson. And not only talk, but defend him.

First things first : I'm not a die-hard MJ-fan. Not by a longshot. This'll be as objective as Mick Jagger on women. I detest his "Come Together"-cover (from HIStory, disc2) and found the video for "You Rock My World" much too hyped to live up to its expectations. But I do praise him for the countless masterpieces that are as indestructible as Michael himself : Give In To Me, Morphine, Black Or White (my all-time fave), Thriller (The moves! John Landis! Vincent Price!), The Girl Is Mine (Paul!), Off The Wall, Earth Song, Stranger In Moscow, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean ... the list is nearly endless.

I do consider the millions he paid in 1993 as a bribe. There IS something bizarre in that case. If he was really innocent, he would've used the dough to tackle the lawyers of the boy's family. But he chose the easy way, so he could return to what he's best at : writing and producing, which resulted in the 1995 "HIStory", one of the few essential "BestOf's", because you get 15 classics on top of the 15 brandnew songs.

But what's happening now is just plain unfair. He donated literally millions to ensure the boy in case would get the best treatment possible for his aggresive cancer. He bought a new house for the family. When the parents get greedy, he calls it quits. What's the result? "Oh, Michael has already been in trouble when it comes to 'kids' and 'pedophilia', so let's use that against him!". Bam!

Sorry, but I don't believe them this time. He just released his, not so, 'new' album with his #1's. That was a great opportunity to attack him. Until the evidence is provided, he's innocent.

While I'm at it, let's praise the musician that is Michael. He has pleased an average of 1 billion people with his songs, his videos and his charities for humanity. He is an exceptional dancer who learned the world how to Moonwalk. The videos for Thriller and Bad are outstanding little movies. The uncut edit of "Ghosts" is breathtaking. The album "Blood On The Dancefloor", loathed by many, is smashing (YOU'RE TAKIN' MORPHINE!!!). He changed the way we look at music today and has been an inspiration for many, for years to come. His input to the development and appreciation of so-called black music is undeniable.

Michael did not name himself "The King Of Pop" (his friend Elizabeth Taylor did). But he is.

In short : Michael Jackson is cool.

Julian, 14 December 2003