Gabriel García Márquez
Critically-acclaimed writer

... is the Colombian author who has my eternal blessing and praise for the book that earned him his Noble-prize : "Cien Años De Soledad" (Hundred Years Of Solitude). Long, hard, gut-wrenching but ultimately rewarding. Another book we had to read for school (never a good sign), but the story grabbed me by the throat and refused to release me until I had read all 427 pages. A total of 25 characters are named Aureliano Buendía, so don't get confused. The last 10 pages may be the best written stuff I've ever read. Seriously! The ending is so emotionally captivating, it'll leave you in silent tears.

Márquez shot to infinite fame with his tome about the Buendía-family and has continued to churn out books in the last three and a half decades since the original (Spanish) publication of "Hundred Years Of Solitude". I read it in Dutch, but I have to learn Spanish (lots of Spanish!) some day so I can read the version from the master himself.

So how does this make him a hero?! If you can write something as comprehensive as this, you are a hero to me.

Don't miss it.

Julian, 11 November 2004