Blue Blot
Dance To The Blunk, please

The best Belgian group ever. In my humble opinion. Period.

Luke Walter Jr. had the soul, the voice, the soul in his voice and the voice for soul. He was brilliant. What a shame he had to leave us so early. Damn cancer.

Michael Shack is one of Belgium's best drummers. He rocks every crowd!

Jan Meyers (guitar) is brilliant!

Marty Townshend (sax) is brilliant!

They're all brilliant! Every song! Every album! They did quite some covers, but they're always better than the original! A rare treat! For example : "Hold The Line" (from Toto) : ten times better than the original! Get their "Best Of" now (although the fantastic "Lonely Town, Lonely Street" isn't included).

Want a reason to like 'em? It's BLUE BLOT !!!!

Julian, 10 May 2005