Women and games
a doomed alliance?

I have yet to meet a third woman who likes [video]games. I have two female friends who do dig 'em. For the sake of anonymity, I won't use their real names, but instead adopt a pseudonym.

Flora FromDeurne has bought a Gamecube and she's currently saving money for a Wii.
E. FarMorning loves The Sims.

Nintendo and Sony may brag about their pink line of handheld consoles, I don't believe their outrageous claims of "a 300% revenue increase, all thanks to our female audience!". Har har, so now they've sold 4 PSP's instead of 1? Do you believe Nicole Kidman when she's 'playing' Brain Training on her fancy Nintendo DS? I saw the Australian dollars blinking in her eye!

So what is it with women and games? Are they disgusted by the mindless violence some games possess? Are they upset about the hours spent playing by their boyfriend/husband? Don't get me wrong : I'm serious here. I'm not reprimanding my female readers, I'm curious.

Julian, 19 September 2007