Finished games
since 10 January 2006

For the Nintendo Gamecube
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events A fun little game, with a license (for once) not wasted. It's no Goldeneye though.

Prince Of Persia : The Two Thrones
Graphically pushing the envelope, a nice learning curve and a joy to play. One of the best games of the year!

I had high hopes for this one (being a cowboy is a dream come true), but "GUN" is - at best - a good effort. Some pretty scenery, quality voice acting, but let down by clumsy controls and plausible longevity.

For the Nintendo DS
Mario Kart DS
Unbelievably entertaining. Everything that Nintendo stands for and more. If you have a DS, this is essential.

New Super Mario Bros
First proper 2D Mario-game since 1992's "Super Mario World 2" and it doesn't disappoint. Triumphant gameplay, plus loads to unlock.

For PC
Syberia II
Sequel to "Syberia" from 2002. Taxing story, difficult puzzles and, overall, an atmospheric game.

For the Game Boy Advance
The Land Before Time
Platformer with my favourite dino. Cute and colourful, but way to easy. It's aimed towards kids, of course.

Julian, 5 December 2006