Games of 2009
1 = $1.45


Bully by Rockstar [Wii]
I can't say I've seen a lot of Bully after a mere 2 hours of playing time, but I like what I have seen. It's huge, it's funny and it's fresh. My first Rockstar game does not disappoint. (12.99)

WipeOut Pulse by ?? [PSP]
Furious, fast & frantic flashspeeder fest for FlayStation Fortable. (3)

Manhunt 2 by Rockstar [Wii]
This spells controversy! I can't give you an honest opinion after 1 hour of playing time, so you'll have to read other, more profound reviews. (6.49)

GrandTheftAuto-Chinatown Wars by Rockstar [DS]
Chinatown Wars completes the Rockstar hattrick. Great story, nice visuals, huge playing field. Just one gripe : why do they call it a "NintendoDS exclusive" when they are about to announce and release a PSP-version some months later? (12.99)

Glimmerati by Bugbear Entertainment [N-Gage]
Quite excellent little racer for Nokia's handheld device. (4)

Disaster - Day Of Crisis by Monolith Soft [Wii]
The best game I played in 2009! The story is preposterous, the enemies can take 150 bullets and the gameplay is a hybrid mixed bag of adventure, driving and shoot 'em up stages. It sounds like a recipe for software disaster, but - somehow - it all works. Beautifully and flawlessly. What a truly great game for only (10).

Zack & Wiki by Capcom [Wii]
Not played yet, so no opinion. (10)

MadWorld by SEGA [Wii]
Not played yet, so no opinion. (10)

WiiPlay by Nintendo [Wii]
Not played yet, so no opinion. (37 with extra Wiimote)


Jurassic Park by Ocean [MegaDrive]
Not played yet, so no opinion. (3)

The Lion King by Capcom [MegaDrive]
Not played yet, so no opinion. (3)

Cheese Cat-Astrophe starring Speedy Gonzalez by Midway Games [GameGear]
Not played yet, so no opinion. (5)

Moonwalker by SEGA [Master System]
I already bought the MegaDrive/Genesis version and
I don't own a Sega Master System, but I could not resist the pricetag. (0.50)

Passport To London by SCEE[PSP]
Handy digital Lonely Planet guide. I actually used this when I visited the UK's capital. (6.77)

Second-hand gifts

Pilotwings by Nintendo [N64]
Brilliant game from yesteryear. Thanks, Peter De Voecht!

Wayne's World by THQ [SNES]
A birthday gift from Joris Jonckheer and Tiffany Aps. The game is crappy, but the thought is nice.

Julian De Backer, 12 January 2010