Games of 2008
€1 = $1.30641

I bought less games in 2008, because I was abroad for 5 months. No point in buying games over there if you can't play them. I eventually did buy two games in Sundsvall, just before I was about to leave for Belgium, because the price was right.

I didn't buy any new consoles in 2008, but I did receive a working Game Gear for free (thanks, Yveline!). I also purchased the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player for the ridiculous price of 200 Swedish crowns (€20). No, I don't have an Xbox, but the add-on is compatible with Windows Vista. Which means I can now enjoy both Blu-ray and HD DVD on my portable computer.


Chibi-Robo by Nintendo [NGC]
One of the last Gamecube games produced by Nintendo, it never flooded Belgian stores (who had already cleared shelves for the Xbox360). I had read some glowing reviews about Chibi-Robo, which turned out to be accurate. It's a cute and cuddly game about a robot trying to help its troubled owners. Limited in its replayability and/or longevity. Super sweet while it lasts, so don't hesitate to pick it up when your wallet allows it. It's the only expensive game I bought in 2008, but it's money well spent! (€35)

The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by Traveller's Tales [NGC]
Beautiful buttonmasher based on the hit movie. An exception to the rule that movies-turned-games suck, because Narnia is engrossing and rewarding. And not too easy, either. (€14)

Requiem Of Hell by DigiRed [N-Gage]
Crappy RPG adventure. Washed-out graphics, non-existent fun and a steep difficulty curve. Then again, I'll never be able to make a game, so I still stand in awe of DigiRed. And you can't argue with that price. (€1.5)

The Movies by Lionhead Studios [PC]
Long-time 'Posts'-readers will surely remember this title. Ever since I saw a preview in the summer 2002 issue of dedicated magazine "PC Gameplay", I wanted to play the game. I'm a big fan of theme park simulations and a big fan of movies, so it sounded like a match made in heaven. Little did I know it would take this long to acquire the game. It was promised for Gamecube, but all console versions were scrapped after the lukewarm reception of the PC original. I finally got hold of a cheap copy for PC, but a new problem arose : it's not compatible with Windows Vista. Sigh. The wait for The Movies continues. (€4.90)

The Ultimate Ride by DisneyInteractiveStudios [PC]
Yet another game that's been on my wanted list for as long as I have a wanted list for games. In 1989, I played a simplified version of this in Walt Disney World in Florida. I immediately loved constructing my own rollercoaster. The Ultimate Ride is a pretty shallow game (build it & ride it), but I couldn't be more happy! Pure fun, great price and compatible with Vista. (€2.99)

Drawn To Life by 5TH Cell [NDS]
My first new NintendoDS game since October 2006! The exams were already looming when I received this game as a Christmas present. As such, I haven't played it yet. (a gift)

Viva Piρata : Pocket Paradise by RARE [NDS]
Another Christmas present, another unplayed game at this moment in time. I'm quite anxious to try out my first RARE game since Perfect Dark in 2000. The Xbox original got rave reviews, so here's hoping. (a gift)

Pathway To Glory : Ikusa Islands by RedLynx [N-Gage]
The sequel to the only must-have game on the Nokia N-Gage. Stunning gameplay, but boy is it hard! The first level was a piece of cake, but the difficulty significantly increased afterwards. Argh! I'm not good enough for this kind of hardcore warfare. (a gift)


The Terminator by Virgin Games [GG]
Game Gear game based on the Arnie flick. Very, very hard - I can never get past the first level. Were Game Boy games ever this hard? Maybe that's what the "SEGA does what Nintendon't" ad really wanted to say. (a gift)

Paperboy by TENGEN [GG]
The arcade classic, revamped for Game Gear! Great fun in small doses. Friendly Yveline (Belgian director Arne Keustermans' girl & an accomplished director in her own right) gave this, and The Terminator, to me for free. Thanks! (a gift)

Evolution-The World Of Sacred Device by ESP[DC]
One more Dreamcast game from the "Antwerp library clearance sale". No opinion, because I haven't played it yet. (€1)

Kingdom Hearts - Chain Of Memories by Square Enix [GBA]
Another game high on the wanted list. The most gorgeous graphics on the Game Boy Advance ever, but what's up with the gameplay? It plays very fine and smooth, but it feels like a buttonmasher instead of an RPG. There are cards to be used when collected, but who can be bothered with picking the right card when enemies are draining your health? It's a niggle, but not a major one. Kingdom Hearts is a must for Game Boy Advance and NintendoDS owners! (€10)

Donkey Kong Country 3 by RARE [SNES]
Oh yeah! The two prequels are fine, fine, fine and the third chapter doesn't disappoint either. Quite a rare game (pun not intended) in Belgium, so all praise must go to my lovely friends from the university. They bought a boxed game, with instructions, as a birthday present. Thanks chaps! (a gift)


VMU for Dreamcast
A proper memory card for the Dreamcast. (€7)

Game Boy Player for Gamecube
Playing Game Boy, Color and Advance games on the telly? Bring it on! (€25)

Julian, 29 January 2009