Nintendo DS vs. Sony PSP

I'm fully aware of the fact that the Nintendo DS
is nowhere near as powerful as Sony's PlayStation
Portable (PSP). Sony offers PS2-graphics at amazing
speed, while DS offers N64-style sprites at best.

The PSP is a multimedia powerbeast : games, movies, music, photos, internet ... you name it and PSP does it! DS? Games, my friend, and games only. That's why I think Nintendo thought they were in dire straits. The DS may be a phenomenal succes in Japan (3/1 ratio vs. PSP), but in Europe, Sony is king.

So Nintendo came up with some peripherals for the DS : the Nintendo Browser ("Bowser", anyone?) and the Nintendo MP3 Player.

The browser received criticism (it can't display Flash sites, for example), but who wants to surf on such a small screen - even if there are two - anyway? The MP3 player sounds like a good idea, because it uses SD cards (the DS uses SD - some slogan guy must be having the last laugh). Ouch : there's the cost! Browser (40) + MP3 Player (34) = 74! Talk about additional, hidden costs.

Here's the good part : the DS is 100 cheaper than the PSP (who offers all these goodies nonetheless). DS owners can choose! I, for one, don't need a browser on my DS. A MP3 player sounds cool, since I don't have an iPod. My 'optional' cost is only 34 or a mere 66 under the PSP's standard price. Even if I have to buy an SD-card, I'll still have 45 euros spare.

Not bad, Nintendo.

P.S. Yes, the PSP has better graphics - I know! Do remember : it's all about the gameplay! You could date an extremely beautiful gal, but you'll tire of her very quickly if she doesn't have content.

Julian, 20 March 2007