How do they do it?

Seriously, how do they do it? UP is Pixar's tenth movie and their tenth consecutive masterpiece. Granted, A Bug's Life was a bit meh after the triumph that was Toy Story, but even that flick is infinitely better than the blue monday offerings of Blue Sky and/or DreamWorks.

Within the first ten minutes, UP goes straight for the heart and succeeds at all levels. The story is uplifting, the characters are sweet, the music is great, the script is fun. The movie is a joy from start to finish. Be prepared to use several napkins for the finale, because it truly is a beaut.

I'm not going to spoil the story. Just see the movie. Please, this review is unnecessary. Let the movie do the talking.

One minor point of criticism (because nothing and no one is perfect) : during the movie, the main character Carl - who is definitely an 80+ senior - meets his childhood hero. Yes, his childhood hero. So that man must be 120 years old? That's a bit far-fetched, Pixar. Other than that : no complaints.

UP is a flawless movie (apart from said "story oddity"). The top movie of 2009 so far. Worthy of a Best Picture Oscar (not just the lame Best Animated Feature statuette). This film is a killer, up there with Walt Disney's greatest achievements. It's an uppercut. Go and see it. That's an order.

Julian De Backer, 24 December 2009

coda [3 January 2010]
I always stay for the credits, because I think the hardworking people behind the scenes deserve some attention. Remember : a good cast does not automatically make a good movie (One Night At McCools, I'm looking at you).

The UP credits are superb : when the Director of Photography is announced, we see Carl and Russell on photos, when the Sound Designer is mentioned, we see Carl and Russell playing with sound.

A very simple idea, but what a great one. Yes, Pixar, you even mastered the art of credits. You truly are the masters of the [movie] universe.