Titanic is the most succesful movie in history, unaccounted for inflation. Since a few weeks, we can say it was. For its director James Cameron decided to come out of his semi-retirement and make Avatar. From 1998 to 2010, Titanic was the topgrosser, both domestic and foreign. And I had never seen it, until yesterday. What's more, I had never seen a James Cameron movie, until yesterday.

In short : I'm glad I finally saw Titanic. What a major triumph on all levels : cinematography, music, story, special effects, direction and cast. Leonardo DiCaprio proves once again he's more than just a pretty face. It's visually astounding and heartpoundingly intense. The last hour, during which the well-known fate of the maiden voyage unfolds, is emotionally engrossing. It's a love story wrapped in a action packed drama, it's a tale of impossible amour camouflaged as a disaster movie.

James Cameron hits all the right notes and chords. Not one scene is far fetched, nor does a shot feel out of place. Character exposition - very important if you want your audience to care about eventual casualties - is handled extremely well.

In recent years, Titanic's popularity has waned and people began to question whether the 11 Academy Awards were deserved. Yes. Yes, they are.

Titanic is a masterpiece.

Julian De Backer, 15 February 2010