Star Trek (2009)

Most of the reviews on forgot one major thing : not everyone is willing to read page after page of text. That’s why, from now on, reviews will start with the utmost important : is this piece of entertainment worthy of your time and of your dough?

Star Trek is fantastic!

Still here? OK, I'll list the why and the how. I have never, ever seen any of the 10 predecessing Star Trek flicks. I haven't avoided them on purpose, but somehow I have never caught them and they have never caught my eye either. If this movie is anything to go by, I have sure missed a few gems.

I have never believed any rivalry between “Trek”-fans and “Star Wars”-fans. I, myself, am a Star Wars nerd (and not that proud to be one, since the word “nerd” always has a negative connotation). But I have never bashed the Star Trek-series, films, books or fans. Why should I?

Star Trek [the 2009 movie], as has been well documented in the professional press, is sort of a reboot of the franchise. “Sort of”, because – unlike Batman Begins – the movie still mentions the previous flicks and even integrates one important character. I guess you all know who it is, but I won't spoil it for that eventual casual viewer that doesn't read every single review.

Director J.J. Abrams should be commended for delivering such an entertaining piece of pellicule. Star Trek – just as The Dark Knight – works on numerous levels as “just a movie”. Nods and winks to the series are included for the core audience, but the movie never makes the mistake of preaching to the converted.

The cast, the music (especially the music!), the effects and the script all deliver. And the humour, feared by long time fans, really works. Be sure to foresee major chuckles at various points. It’s great to inject funny bits in an established franchise, because it takes the pressure off the whole thing. They weren't aiming for "grand cinema", but they nevertheless came up with "great cinema".

A very unexpected surprise, Star Trek has whetted my appetite for the original series and movies (which are all being rereleased on Blu-Ray as we speak). Yet another proof that a loud, dumb blockbuster can be very satisfying.

Why weren’t the last two Star Wars prequels this good?

Julian De Backer, 20 May 2009