The Simpsons Movie

Aah, The Simpsons. By far my favourite show on TV. Seasons 1-8, that is. Afterwards, they lost their spark somehow. Can a movie do justice to the series?

Yes, it can. The cleverly titled The Simpsons Movie does a fine job translating the animated family to the big screen. The writers from said seasons have all returned to deliver an explosive, no cock up cocktail of yellow zaniness.

On more than one occasion, I've laughed out loud in the theater - which is always a strong selling point for an alleged comedy. Without spoiling : calling a bar in Alaska Eski-Moe's is plain genius. Planting a Grand Theft Walrus arcade cabinet in that bar is even better. There's one more extremely funny joke involving Moe, but you'll have to see that one for yourself.

As usual, the voice actors are in great shape. For obscure reasons, a Dutch version is also available. But since the regular episodes have never been translated (and rightly so), I suggest you avoid that version. Let us never speak of it again.

The Simpsons Movie is pretty much all a fan could ask for. You get some very nerdy tidbits (e.g. the exact location of Springfield, Maggie's first word heard by the family), a cameo by Rita Wilson's spouse, A. Brooks (who voiced five different characters on The Simpsons in the past), credits that are worth waiting for and much, much more.

In closing, I'm just glad the movie didn't fail or disappoint. That would be a downright shame. Here's hoping for a strong DVD-release (on Yello-Ray, maybe?). But I don't doubt that - Matt Groening has promised to include all the deleted material and abandoned concepts. Apparently enough to double the feature's length. You all know what Mr. Burns would say to that!

Julian De Backer, 1 August 2007