I wanted to see Ray on the silver screen, but - for whatever reason - I eventually missed it. The 2-disc DVD was rather expensive ($30), but last month I found a brand new copy priced $9!

The DVD offers the theatrical version and an extended version, but I chose the theatrical cut. That way, I can view the extended one the second time (the other way around is quite redundant).

Jamie Foxx got extremely warm reviews for his portrayal of Mr. Charles and it's easy to see why : the stuttering between words, the movements, the accent ... he IS Ray. A well deserved Academy Award.

Taylor Hackford's resume is filled with public favourites as An Officer And A Gentleman and Against All Odds. I haven't seen any of his movies, save for Dolores Claiborne (a rather disturbing echo of Stephen King's mind). But, of course, I know the two hit songs aforementioned movies spawned.

Hackford's well trained musical ear came in handy for Ray. The soundtrack is (what else) fantastic. Too bad Jamie didn't provide the vocals (especially since he can sing), but I guess that decision wasn't Hackford's to make.

A very nice special feature on disc two is the meeting between Ray Charles and Jamie Foxx. They jokingly play the piano and it's adorable to see mr. Charles get all excited about Jamie's skills. You know Foxx was right for the part, but here he's given the approval from Ray Charles himself!

Is it fair to compare Ray to Walk The Line (as some critics did)? No, not at all. Both movies are about a man who turns personal tragedy (the loss of a brother) into musical genius, but the similarities end here.

Ray is a touching piece of pellicule. It should be on your 'to see'-list now!

Julian De Backer, 5 August 2006