My Girl
... nice movie, eh?

I remember I had this love/hate relationship with the movie "My Girl" (1991). Well, that's not really a good description, but I never felt an instant love or dislike with this movie.

Macaulay Culkin was one of my favourite actors in those days (I'm talking about 1995) and when I heard about this movie, I bought it the first time I saw it in the shops. I actually bought it in a gasstation. You had to return two times, fill your car with gas and pay 200fr./5/$5. Anyway.

I'm a real coward, though, cause I never had the guts to see the movie in its entirety (I read "The Mac" dies in the movie and I'm not comfortable with bad endings). I may not be able to judge honestly, but the part I did see was good and I can't say I didn't enjoy the time spent with this movie. Vada's dad is an undertaker, which may explain the bond I have with this movie.

"My girl 2" was the sequel. A nice movie, yes, and less depressing.

Now, we all now how Culkin ended. I saw most of his movies after My Girl and they're all cool : The Pagemaster, Getting even with dad, The Nutcracker, Richie Rich ... and, to a lesser extent, The good son. His father wasn't the easiest manager to work with and Mac never made a movie after 1994 (until now, he's currently shooting the upcoming "Party Monster"). But what happened to the other two young actors?

Anna Chlumsky (I recall "Mommy Market") and Austin O' Brien (who starred in "The last action hero" and "The lawnmower man 2"). I'm gonna find out.

Julian De Backer, 22 august '02