Films of 2021

Disclaimer: not a lot of cinemas were open in 2021.
Not a lot of cinema visits, then.

1. Ghostbusters: Afterlife
As an attempt to wash away the bitter aftertaste of the 2016 reboot (which was mediocre, misguided and mostly unfunny, but not deserving of the misogynistic vitriol), 'Afterlife' is a course correction. Heart, soul, ghouls, ghosts, supernatural beings, humour, practical effects, computer effects, and then some. McKenna Grace is a revelation, a superb teenage actor with charm, wit and gusto. Paul Rudd is a delight - but when isn't he? Carrie Coon sells the 'estranged daughter' vibe, and (no spoilers) gets rightfully teary-eyed in the climax. As do we. And what a climax it is. A triumphant character coda that packs a punch and rightfully jerks tears from its viewers' eyes. Can a 'Ghostbusters' movie make you cry, even when there was a steady paycheck involved for all? You betcha it can. I did not expect this. Wow. I loved it. See it on the biggest screen you can find.

2. Space Jam: A New Legacy
Craptacular update-reboot-remake of a classic children's movie. Killer Michael Jordan joke, though, and Don Cheadle is excellent as always. Could have been a lot better, could have been worse.

Honourable mention

I fell asleep, but that's not the movie's fault. Blame life-work-parenthood. I couldn't keep my eyes open. As such, it would be unfair to rank Dune. Who knows, it might be my favourite 2021 movie. But until I have seen it, I can't pass judgement.

Julian De Backer, 19 July 2022