Films of 2014

Disclaimer: due to a laptop theft in February 2015, I lost most of my 2013-2014 files. I have tried to accurately remember all past entertainment indulgences, but some small mistakes or omissions are unavoidable.

1. The Drop
A slow-burning, masterful gangster drama full of fine performances. Massively underrated and underappreciated, so check it out when you can.
Full review here.

2. The LEGO Movie
Expected to be corporate propaganda and shallow marketing brouhaha, The LEGO Movie defied the odds and proved to be a genuine, loving, careful, sweet and emotional tribute to my favourite toy brand. Wow.

3. Boyhood
Richard Linklater's high-concept movie deserves all its accolades. I loved it. Full review here.

4. Waiting for August
Touching documentary by Romanian-Belgian director Teodora Ana Mihai about a young girl that needs to tend to her siblings while their mother works abroad, fighting for a better future.
Full review here.

5. Image
The debut drama film from Belgian directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Made for peanuts ($50,000 total budget), but you would never guess that with its impressive helicopter and crane shots. Lead actor Nabil Mallat is incredible. A powerhouse performance that rivals Robert DeNiro in his Taxi Driver heydays. Full review here.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Not the reboot we fans deserved, but not a total disaster either. Passable entertainment, and a few fun quips. Horrible redesign on the titular Turtles, however.

7. Interstellar
I'm a Christopher Nolan fanboy, but Interstellar didn't really register. I may need to see it again to fully appreciate it. As it is, Gravity is the better movie in my opinion.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy
Brilliant soundtrack, so-so film. I don't understand the universal love for these Guardians. I actually prefer the sequel.

9. The Raid 2
The first 'Raid' was excellent, but this one is surprisingly middle-of-the-road. Unfocused story, but still highly impressive stunts by all involved.

Julian De Backer, 24 June 2018