Films of 2007

I saw 6 films on the silver screen in 2007. Here's the ranking from Oscarworthy to good.

1. Stardust
Hands down the top card for cinematic 2007. Sweet, sweet and sweet. And sweet.

2. Fracture
An engaging, riveting, rousing & action packed legal thriller with very intense acting. Hopkins is always great [I'd like to see him, sitting in an empty white room for an hour and a half. I think I'll like it.], but the real star is Ryan "Wake Me Up Before You Go" Gosling.

3. Ratatouille
Pixar strikes again. Beautifully drawn, masterfully told, wonderfully accomplished ... crying reviewer.

4. The Departed
Aaah, my first Scorsese. Better believe the hype, because The Departed is a blast from start to finish. And believe me, it includes some 'blasts'. Nicholson is always great. I'd like to see him, sitting in a ... well, you get the point. Leonardo DiCaprio? Oh, what an actor. Mark Wahlberg? Super - was he ever a spokesman for male underwear? Matt Damon? I can see why 2007 was dubbed 'the year of the Damon'. The Departed comes highly recommended. One can only wonder : if this one sets the bar so incredibly high, how will I ever get over notable Scorsese classics as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Mean Streets or Goodfellas?

5. The Simpsons Movie
Much much better than expected. After all, I only like seasons 4-8 of the acclaimed series. Full review here.

6. Unknown
Little movie with a strong cast (Jim Caviezel! Greg Kinnear! The Goonies' Joey Pants!). I didn't pay to see this movie (thanks, Jelle Boucher!), which showed on the BIFFF in Brussels. Where we met the Christopher Lloyd.

I rented 7 films in 2007. Here's the ranking from Global Golden to mediocre.

1. Cars
Missed it in the cinema in 2006. Not as good as Ratatouille, but far from being the 'first mushy Pixar' critics called it. What have they ever done that's so memorable? Great voice acting, thrilling animation!

2. Nanny McPhee
Emma Thompson returns for a very British and well executed take on Mary Poppins.

3. Music & Lyrics
Not as funny (or overall 'good', for that matter) as Hugh Grant's career high About A Boy, but the chemistry between him and Drew Barrymore sparks and the music is hilarious. Good luck trying to get "Pop! Goes My Heart" out of your head.

4. Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End
Worse than Dead Man's Chest (and much worse than The Curse Of The Black Pearl!), which can be largely attributed to the overly complicated screenplay. Two words save the flick from being a total disaster : Keith. Richards. Possibly the best cameo ever!

5. Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
Seen on the screen in 2006, for sure, but rented for my folks. Necessary viewing prior to At World's End.

6. The Holiday
Nancy Meyers' fourth offering is OK, but not memorable. Her previous movies [What Women Want, The Parent Trap and Something's Gotta Give] were better. Sorry.

I saw 1 film I hadn't seen before on TV in 2007. Here's the ranking from good to good.

1. The Ladykillers
Coen lovers dubbed it 'their worst ever', but I loved it! I really did.

I bought 9 films in 2007. Here's the ranking from "eBay history making" to "nice to have".

1. Koko Flanel [on LaserDisc]
The most succesful Flemish [that's the Dutch part of Belgium] movie ever, with a reported 1.082.000 receipts sold. I found this 1990 comedy for 5/$7.5/47.5SEK ... on LaserDisc [LD]! Now imagine this : LaserDisc never really sold well + LaserDisc never sold well in Belgium = a Flemish LaserDisc is more rare than a report card by yours truly without any failed exams. I've got the jack, I've got the jack, I've got the jack, jack, jackpot!

2. Star Wars The Definitive Collection [on LD]
Finally! The main reason I wanted a LaserDisc player : the original Star Wars Trilogy without any alterations by George "Soon, I'll be able to cheat death using ILM" Lucas. Luxurious 9-disc box set, complete with a retrospective book on Lucas called "The Creative Impulse".

3. The Little Mermaid [on LD]
My favourite Disney for my favourite flopped device.

4. Transformers [on HD DVD]
First Bay movie I've seen since 1996's The Rock. Loud, viscerally challenging with a few good men, er, laughs.

5. Police Squad! [on DVD]
The laugh out loud antics of the bumbling Frank Drebin, played with near scary perfection by Leslie Nielsen. The predecessor to my favourite comedy trilogy, The Naked Gun. The episodes on this disc are the only six ever made. Shame, really.

6-9. Children Of Men, Poseidon, The Chronicles Of Riddick and Miami Vice [on HD DVD]
Four free flicks from Foshiba. I've tried to see three of them : I fell asleep during Miami Vice, I didn't understand one word of Riddick (guess I have to see the prequel first!) and I found Poseidon to be neither flesh nor fish. I sure hope Children Of Men is better! But you know the saying : "a given horse ..." (this expression could be Dutch).

Julian, 22 January 2008