Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing is a veritable "modern classic", if you'll excuse me this contradictio in terminis. Barely 22 years old (the German wall was still standing), but a staple on TV, a steady seller on home video and beloved by legions of fans.

Female fans?

Granted, a lot of my female friends are quite fond of the film, but I can't imagine any guy not appreciating the movie.
What's not to like? A fine script, soulful music, rousing cinematography, a fun cast and a solid amount of dirty dancing. And Jerry Orbach - Lumiere from Disney's Beauty And The Beast!

How can you spot a "modern classic"? When you can quote the movie without having seen the movie.
I already knew the "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"-line, but it still came as a surprise.
I reckoned "Baby" would usher the sentence
(as in : "Nobody puts ME in the corner"). But no, turns out Patrick Swayze gets away with it.

Talking about the late, great Swayze (whose finest hour still is 1990's Ghost), I can't help but chuckle: we see his naked torso at least two times during the dance sequences.
Why, I ask you. Yes, he has a killer body. Yes, I'm jealous. But is it relevant to the story or the movie? Nope. It's just there for the women in the audience. Guess that's what they call "functional nudity", eh?

But don't let that scare you off. Dirty Dancing is not a chick flick. It's a flick both sexes can enjoy. It's no less than a "very good movie".

I'm glad I finally saw it, 22 years later.

Julian De Backer, 5 December 2009