Back to the Future

Today marks the exact 25th anniversary of Marty McFly's first time travel. On 26 October 1985, he tried to outrun the Lybians, accelerated to 88mph and travelled to 5 November 1955.

To commemorate this joyous occasion - after all, Back to the Future is my favourite movie of all time - I will drink a Pepsi Free (problem : they aren't for sale in Belgium), I'll listen to the Eddie Van Halen's song (problem : it was never commercially released) and I will try to steal some plutonium from the Lybians (shouldn't be a problem).

I also received the Blu-ray collection of all three films yesterday, in a gorgeous box full of swagger (including lenticular photo, posters, Gray's Sports Almanac and more).

I will however wait to see the restored masterpieces, for I want to enjoy them with a bunch of equal BttF-loving friends, comrades and chaps. Great Scott!

Julian De Backer, 26 October 2010