Attack of the Clones
... after a second viewing, three years later ...

Sorry, he still sucks.

Ok, the "love theme" is a grand piece of music (thanks, mr. Williams), the Shmi-Anakin-scène
is well done and touching and, of course, the Yoda-Dooku-fight is heartpoundingly intense.

But ...

Dialogue? Crap!
Acting? Quite crap!
Dialogue? Mega crap!
Special Effects? Too Much!
Arena Fight? Too long, too much, too boring!
Christopher Lee? Talent wasted here!
etc, etc ...

The only pieces of Attack Of The Clones-merchandise I have, are the Hasbro Yoda-figure, which I got for free, and the soundtrack, which I bought the day before yesterday for $3.5/€2.5.

Julian De Backer, 20 May '05