2009's Confessions of a
garage sale hunter IV
- collecting retro bröl since 1984 -

I bought a mint, boxed Sony MZ-2P, the first portable MiniDisc player from 1992.
I also received a working 1990's Toshiba laptop running Windows 3.1. as a birthday gift. Great!

I'm still looking for :

a 3DO
an 8-Track-player
an Atari Jaguar
an Atari Lynx
an Atari VCS/2600
a CD-I-player
a CED-player
a DAT-deck
a DCC-deck
a Nintendo Entertainment System [NES]
a Neo Geo
a Neo Geo Pocket
an R-Zone
a Sega 32X
a Sega CD
a Sega Master System
a Sega Saturn
a VCD-player
a Video2000 [I have one, but mine's broken]
a Virtual Boy
a WonderSwan

Julian De Backer, 12 January 2009