Nerdy wishlist 2021

Since 2018, I have found Back to the Future on MUSE LaserDisc, a Nintendo 64DD console (after twenty years of searching!) and Baloo the Bear from Playmates' TaleSpin action figure line.

I'm still looking for affordable deals on the following:

-Playmates' TaleSpin action figures and vehicles
-Tiger Telematics' Gizmondo video game console
-Daft's Super Back to the Future II for Super Famicom
-Mattel's Hook action figures
-Titan A.E. and X-Men on LaserDisc
-Neo Geo's Neo Geo Pocket Color
-John DeLorean's DMC-12 automobile
-LJN's ThunderCats action figures and vehicles
-Nintendo's 64DD video games and accessories
-Apple's Power Mac G4 Cube

Julian De Backer, 7 January 2021