What a deal!
1 = $1.39

Three days ago, the library of Antwerp sold out their redundant stock. Books, CDs, records and videos : everything had to go.

An avid record collector, I raced to the vinyl section. Boxes and boxes were filled with classical music, which is nice for whom it concerns. I love certain Mozart, Orff and Wagner compositions, but I have no plans to start a collection. A logistic nightmare for a completist like me : there are oodles and heaps of classical music on vinyl.

I bought a Lonnie Donegan album. Donegan is Mark Knopfler's hero and Knopfler's my hero. I gave the set a spin and it's great! Plus, it features guest appearances from all the biggies : Ron Wood, Leo Sayer, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Brian May ...

I moved on to the CD rack, which mostly contained soundtracks. Soundtracks tend to be more rare than conventional 'artist' CDs, because they run out of print after the movie's popularity has faded. I bought :

- Home Alone 2 (John Williams, S. Van Zandt etc)
- Jumanji (James Horner)
- Back To The Future III (Alan Silvestri)
- The Lost Boys (a must, if only for Gerard McMann's hauntingly beautiful "Cry Little Sister")

Then I noticed purple cases amongst the Compact Discs, which made me frown. Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be Sega Dreamcast games. Apparently, the library had once purchased them for rental purposes, but - as you may or may not know - the Dreamcast was never the hit Sega hoped for. The games were in absolute mint condition (though not wrapped in plastic anymore) : both the cases and the discs were scratchless! I bought :

- Marvel vs. Capcom : Clash Of Super Heroes
- South Park Rally
- Walt Disney World Quest : Magical Racing Tour
and four games (Giga Wing, Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Time Stalkers and GTA2) for Peter TheLiquid, a friend of mine whom I called when I saw the games on sale)

What is the bargain/deal/buy from the title, you ask?

All of the mentioned items cost 1!!!

The original prices were still attached to the Dreamcast games. GTA2, for example, originally cost 70!

Games for 1/70 of the price? Yeah!

Julian De Backer, 24 September 2007