I'm not a big reader. I loved to read when I was 6 to 12 years old, but then - much to my disappointment - I gradually read less books. Are videogames to blame? TV? Maybe, but I was never addicted to any one those. I consumed them in harmless quantities.

One explanation could be my overall dislike of sad stories. Face it, most adultbooks are downright depressing. Childrenbooks are happy, joyful and can make you feel better. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? I read it at least 12 times. Same for Matilda. Roald Dahl is larger than life. Belgian Marc De Bel? Man, he's good. These books are timeless and have a high reread value.

There are exceptions. I loved reading El Negro And Me by Frank Westerman, Anna Karenina by Lev Tolstoj, Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez ... these are adult-oriented books for sure.

But said childrenbooks will be in my heart forever.

Some "non-fiction" books I'll never tire of :

The Simpsons - A Complete Guide To Our Favorite Family by 17 Writers, a masterpiece of an encyclopedia filled with facts & trivia.

High Score! - The Illustrated History Of Electronic Games by Rusel DeMaria & Johnny L. Wilson, a quintessential tome from Pong to Gamecube.

Julian De Backer, 1 May 2006