Welcome to JuliArt & Entertainment,
the website that collects the works of
Julian De Backer and his collaborators.

"We know mediocre art" has been
our motto for over 15 years.

Doesn't sound impressive? It ain't meant to be!
If schmalzy Hollywood chick flicks have
taught us nothing else (and they haven't),
it's that you should be honest at all times.

Got a hankering or a craving for "that's so 1999!"-
webdesign, classy clothing, impressive vaporware,
average drawings and/or relatively funny cartoons?
Great Scott, you've come to the right place!

Enjoy your stay. Just don't expect too much.
And yes, we take PayPal.

We know mediocre art.

last update: 6 June 2018
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