Yes, this is just another website dealing with "that 80's movie", The Goonies.

Many sites focus on the film itself, and how fantastic it is. I certainly can't disagree
with that statement, but why should I - on this humble site - rave once more about the
deleted scenes (I also want the 7-hour uncut version), the oath, the script, the locations,
the mistakes/goofs (why concentrate on the faults a movie has?) ... it's all been done.

Therefore, I want to do the impossible: create a site that has a little more to add to the legacy
of this excellent movie. Sure, there'll be more than one déjà vu, because I will also talk about
the movie itself, and how it positively influenced my life, work, thoughts, draughts and whatnots.

But then again, I hope this site will be different, if just a tiny bit. Because both the casual viewer
and the die-hard Goonies fans have already heard and read all about the other subjects.

With kind Belgian regards

Julian De Backer

latest update: 25 September 2023

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